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Animation Institutes in Kurukshetra - Haryana

Updated on: Feb 26, 2013
Kurukshetra is a town and district center in Kurukshetra district of Haryana state in India. It is a holy place and is also known as Dharmakshetra ("Holy City"). Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' has written an epic poem by the title of Kurukshetra based on the Santi Parva of the Mahabharata. The poem was written at a time when the memories of the World War II were fresh on the mind of the poet.

Kurukshetra have many schools, colleges and institutes of higher education for general and professional studies. Animation Institutes in Kurukshetra, Haryana are popular for vocational training in Animation, multimedia and gaming.

Here, we are providing details about Animation Institutes in Kurukshetra, Haryana. This list is compiled from various authentic sources and hence can be relied upon. Still, if there are any errors, please do let us know using our Contact form. Remember, is your best source for all educational information in Haryana.

List of Animation Institutes in Kurukshetra - Haryana

Regent Animation
Kurukshetra, Haryana
Phone: 0174 4312801

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